Lone Star Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the health and well-being of the boxer breed. LSBR is run and managed 100% by volunteers since 1999. Our main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxers that come to us from many sources including local animal shelters, owner surrenders, and strays. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to allow us to save more dogs in need. 

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Lone Star Boxer Rescue is always in need of loving foster homes for our rescues.

Foster families take an unwanted or abandoned boxer into their home, treat it like one of the family, nurse it through required medical care (paid for by Lone Star Boxer Rescue), provide love, socialization and training to help the dog overcome behavioral problems. Then, when it's time, foster families say goodbye to their foster dog, so it may go to it's permanent home and provide room for the family to take in another boxer in need. Sometimes these dogs have issues that the foster family is expected to help them overcome. Some of the dogs may just need a little coaching on good manners, while some may have been abused and need help overcoming their fears. Our foster families are a very important piece of the adoption process. Foster families will most likely be asked to speak with potential adoptive families about their foster boxer's habits and personalities -- you will know your foster boxer best and be able to assist in determining the right forever home.

When you provide a foster home for a rescued boxer, you will give:

  • A boxer in need the help he/she needs to make the adjustment from living as a stray on the streets or alone in a shelter to re-adjusting to a family home environment.
  • A sense of home, familiarity and security that the dog has lost due to a variety of circumstances that brought him/her into rescue.
  • Someone to love them, even if it is for a short time. They have lost all that was home to them.
  • The direction and training that he/she needs to become more adoptable and live happily inside a family's home.
  • An understanding of the dog's needs to help him/her find the best forever home so this dog is never abandoned or unwanted again.
  • A crate or other means of safe confinement for those times that you must be away from your foster boxer.
  • Dog food, toys, collar and leash.
  • Love, love and more love! In return, you will experience the love and gratitude that only a rescue dog can give.

Fostering a rescue boxer is not a trial adoption. If you are unsure as to whether or not you want to adopt a rescue boxer -- please do some soul-searching, research the boxer breed and educate yourself about about the special needs of rescue dogs.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page or email info@lsbr.org.

To submit an application to foster a rescue boxer, please click here.